Essex Security Must Be Improved To Beat The Burglars

essex-security-home-alarmIn 2015 Essex homes fell victim to over 12,000 burglaries; clearly Essex security needs a boost.

And, if you divide this number by the population of the county and multiply it by the average life expectancy, then there is a 57% chance that if you live in Essex you will be the victim of a burglary before you leave this mortal coil.

So what can you do to improve the security of your Essex home?

Well, you can follow these simple guidelines for home security from Essex police or you can take the battle into your own hands and get a burglar alarm.

Without an alarm you’re leaving your home exposed to the evil nature of a burglar.

To understand what we mean, imagine how a criminal thinks when he is looking at your home as a prospective target to ransack.

He’s parked his car out of sight, collected his tools from the boot and the order of events goes like this:

The Burglar’s Checklist

1)      Check the house for a burglar alarm.

Is there a burglar alarm that will make breaking in harder?

No? Check! A good sign that it’s not going to be too difficult.

2)      Record activity.

How many people live in your home? When do you, your partner and/or your children go in and out? Is it at the same time every day? How long are you out for? Not every burglar will check this, some are more opportunistic, yet the ones that do are far more effective.

Your house is empty every morning for 25 minutes when you take the children to school. Check, plenty of time!

3)      Is the home empty?

Are your lights, television or radio on?

Nothing. The curtains are open too – so all the electronics are on display! Check.

4)      Look for entry points.

Is there anywhere in your home that stands out as an easy or concealed entrance?

You’ve left a window open at the side of your house, brilliant. Check!

5)      Breaking and entering

Walk past the house a couple of times, is anybody watching? Are there neighbours at the window looking out onto the street? No? Check!

Through the side window it is then – you may think that window is too small for anyone to get through. You’d be surprised… and the Police will confirm this.

On average it only takes 8 minutes to burgle a house so the 25 minute daily school run should be plenty of time to get in and out.

6)      Grab a bag – or a handy pillowcase – and fill it

Is your gym bag by the front door? If not, Burglar Bill will just whip a pillow case off the nearest bed. He just needs a receptacle for his swag.

Have you left anything expensive on display? Is your jewellery all in one place?

Left your watch on the bedside table?  Is your jewellery box in the drawer?  Thanks for being so helpful and making a burglar’s life so easy.  Check!

7)      Leave in style

Have you got car keys hanging up in your house?

Check! Time to leave in style, and sell the stolen items – along with your car, the quicker it’s done the better.

You just got burgled and you didn’t stand a chance.

Essex Security Is Losing The War

And you’re not the only one. Essex security measures are not winning the war against criminals; in fact the statistics show that burglaries have remained fairly consistent throughout 2015.

essex security burlary statistics

Yet, if your house had a burglar alarm then the criminal would never have got past the first item on their checklist. It’s time for Essex residents to beef up their security to avoid becoming another statistic.

So, will you take decisive action and strike your house off the burglar’s hit list?

Discover how a burglar alarm can give you peace of mind

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