Security Services for Councils

Protecting local authority and county councils throughout London, Surrey and surrounding areas with the very best in alarms and cctv services.

The high standard security solutions by Glo-Bell London Ltd. have helped the company provide services to institutions at Governmental levels.


“Glo-Bell has consistently delivered a highly professional service, with the dedication and flexibility to meet all our needs across a diverse portfolio.”

Andy Wood
Facilities Management
Cambridge City Council



To minimise even the most complicated security threats, Glo-Bell London Ltd. is going an extra mile offering council security services in London, Surrey and surrounding areas. While the complexities may extend from international terrorist attacks to natural and budgetary disasters, our company will not budge an inch from providing appropriate solutions.

Combating such threatening challenges entail the governmental community to partner with a reliable and highly responsive source. Our dedicated personnel and highly integrated technical support help eliminate risks to a great extent.

It has been quite some time that Glo-Bell London Ltd. has been offering its extended support to Governmental agencies in different capacities.

Here is what we provide

Superb technical support through integrated software systems, incident reporting, risk management and facility management technology.

Highly skilled and experienced security professionals.

Consulting services including emergency and disaster response programmes for maximum security.

Our standard security for council and other Governmental organisations are pre-negotiated and come for an affordable price.

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