Hospital premises Secured Better By GLO-BELL

Protect your hospital and medical facilities with the very best in alarms and cctv services across London, Surrey and surrounding areas.

At Glo-Bell London Ltd. we provide safety and security solutions to the health care community which includes hospitals. With the number of health care campuses increasing every year the demand for professional security systems has also surged. Glo-Bell London Ltd. is here to support you.

Now, that campus security has become indispensable, our team at Glo-Bell London Ltd. considers professional approach to cater individual and public needs with high standard solutions.

From installation to maintenance, we provide complete solutions when it comes to securing property and well-being of individuals and staff at any hospital or healthcare premise.

With our head office based in Colchester, we aim to protect campuses across London, Surrey and surrounding areas.

Partnering with Glo-Bell London Ltd. means, making the most out of effective solutions. We don’t compromise on the standards we maintain, because our experts understand how important it is to offer maximum support in critical situations.

As public safety is a major concern in an ever changing revenue landscape, finding Glo-Bell London Ltd. will mean securing future years with quality solutions. We develop individualised solutions for security. Our security for hospitals in London, Surrey and surrounding areas are empowered by highly qualified personnel, state-of-the-art technology and affordable processes.

We pledge to focus on the following:

High standards: We maintain Governmental standards issued for enhanced security.

Incident reporting: At Glo-Bell London Ltd, our hospital security services are strengthened by risk mitigation and video monitoring for accurate reporting. We only use the best software technology to secure health care premises.

Security Support: Our experts go to the extent of offering safety and security surveys to identify threats.