Dualcom Alarm Systems Installation

Glo-Bell London Ltd. facilitates the reliable installation and maintenance of dualcom alarm signals for your homes and business premises. Glo-Bell London Ltd. offers simple and authentic products to the installers powered by high-end technology. Dualcom Alarm System ensures the highest-standard signalling services in London, Surrey and surrounding areas which is the one of its kind in the industry.

The dualcom alarm system from Glo-Bell London Ltd. ensures increased signal reliability and reduces false alarms to a great extent. The point-to-point IP services eliminates the need for hard-wired IT infrastructure, whereas, the UDL options provides faster programming, maintenance and upgraded signalling formats.

The most reliable and high-grade dual signalling from Glo-Bell London Ltd. provides the homes and businesses in London, Surrey and surrounding areas a reliable product which is easy to install for any level of risk. It can be installed on a single hardware platform regardless site specifications.

Dualcom Alarm System from Glo-Bell London Ltd. is perfect for commercial or business properties and homes for extra security on monitored alarms. A range of alarm signalling devices from Glo-Bell London Ltd. are there using both your telephone or IP path and mobile phone network to pass on intruder and personal attack signals to the Alarm receiving centre (ARC) at a great speed. The police will be notified by the ARC once the alarm is confirmed as genuine.

Glo-Bell London Ltd. offers high-standard products which are perfect for alarms of all grades and these fast and easy to install. We offer products from large organisations to small shops to homes with an aim to offer added security that ensures if one line fails, alarm signals is sent by means of mobile technology. Glo-Bell London Ltd. is a name of repute for efficient and prompt installation and maintenance of Dualcom Alarm System by the skilled and experienced professionals.

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