Reliable Redcare Security Systems

Redcare Security stands for the alarm system which is available in three variants – Redcare Secure 2 for risk level 2, Redcare Secure 3 for risk level 3 and Redcare Secure IP for risk level 4. The one you choose depends on the level of risk of your home or commercial premises and also on your technology preference.

Redcare security ensures the highest level of security. The alarm system comes with the benefit of a “dual path” system; this means two different paths are used for signalling the alarms to Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The advantage of such system is, if one path is unavailable or faulty, then the alarm message will be transferred through the other path.

In case of Secure 2 and Secure 3 system, the ‘primary path’ is provided by a wireless network while your fixed telephone line provides the back-up ‘secondary path’. When it is Secure IP system, the ‘primary path’ is provided by your IP or broadband line, while the wireless network link provides the back-up ‘secondary path’.

Whichever Redcare alarm system you choose, you will be rest assured that once intruders enter your home or business premises, a signal will be sent immediately to your ARC and emergency services warned.

At Glo-Bell London Ltd. we offer you the complete service. From designing to installation and maintenance, Redcare alarm systems from Glo-Bell in London, Surrey and surrounding areas ensure the maximum protection against all risks of alarm signalling failures and let you be in peace of mind that in case of any intruder, your alarm system will never fail. Redcare Security System from Glo-Bell London Ltd. means fast and efficient installation and maintenance by our skilled and experienced professionals at affordable prices.